Features Of Latex Paint For Exterior Surfaces

Latex paint for exteriors is a kind of paint that probes suitable for home exteriors. Latex might be used with such paints, but ingredients that are used in such paint products usually are not genuine rubber tree extracts. These are usually created by combining manufactured chemicals with water and plastic resin. Those who are professional painters would want to know what kinds of ingredients are used in the paints. There are variations in the ingredients used as per color and brand. Usually, ingredients that are used are calcium carbonate, aluminum silicate, kaolin, and antacids. Other ingredients that are used are sand, quartz, and water which help to create the right constitution of the paint.

Latex paint

Latex paint is also preferred as it helps to clean dirt off such painted surfaces easily. There are no removers or paint thinners that can bring about fire hazards. The paint is easy to wipe off when damp for which even novice people can use it to paint their home walls and be able to wipe it off their clothes and hair if they spill it on such surfaces accidentally. Such paints are quick drying and durable as compared to alkyd or oil-based paints.

Latex paint used on exterior surfaces can be advantageous in many ways, but other kinds of paints still have certain advantages. Painting experts would not recommend you using latex paint over alkyd painted surfaces as the look or the finish would not be desirable. Again, latex paint on exterior surfaces needs to be applied as per the kind of base material that exists. For instance, the paint being water based does not work well when used on steel surfaces. When such material surfaces arise it would be best to resort to other kinds of paint. If you have excess latex paint after using it on exterior surfaces you might want to use it for interior painting purposes. However, that might not be right as such paint does not dry fast and the odors are stronger. Hence, when such paint is used inside a home the room needs to be ventilated and drying time needs to be extended. Also, the visual appeal of such paint will not be as great for interior walls, even though it is adequate for the exterior walls.

What You Need To Know About House Paints?

Even if you go shopping and find an overwhelming range of house paints, these usually fall into two major categories, either water or oil based. The oil-based house paints are also known as alkyds while water-based paints are called acrylic or latex. The differences between the two are based on finishes, drying processes and difficulties or ease of cleaning up.

House Paints

When you use alkyds or oil based house paints you will find such paints take longer to dry up, but certain oil-based paints contain certain additives that help to speed up the process of drying. The finishes that oil-based paints provide is glossier and hard and if you have spills or marks on them you will need to use special chemicals to clean them up. On the other hand, water-based paints usually dry up quickly and are easy to clean up. The finish that you get will not be shiny and might not be durable for long. However, when you have messes and dirt on such walls you will find a water-based paints surface easier to clean up. With mild detergent and warm water, such painted walls are easy to clean up.

Even primers are usually of these two categories, either water based or oil based formulations. If you choose to use alkyd house paints it would be wise to use oil-based primer whereas latex paint needs to have a background of water-based primer.

There are several specialty paint products available in the market these days. These comprise of mildew or mold resistance as well as anti-condensation options. These paints are ideal for areas like basements, baths or kitchens. Such kind of paint usually helps to prevent the buildup of mildew, mold, and condensation to a great extent. There are other kinds of paint products such as fire retardant house paint. Such painted surfaces do not catch fire or burn off as easily as non-fire retardant surfaces. These are ideal for walls that surround fireplaces or around radiators.

House paints are also classified into exterior and interior categories. Oil-based paints help to create a tough and shinier finish on walls as well as offer greater resistance against weather elements. Water-based paints, on the other hand, are ideal for painting exteriors of homes or buildings.

The Profession Of House Painters

Those who work in home renovation or construction industries usually gain the expertise of surface painting. Today house painters are certified as well and need to have a trade license to practice their profession in urban areas. Usually, painters work as freelancers who are taken on by construction contractors; in other areas, many are employed as professional painters who provide their service underemployment of paint companies. Those who are professional freelance painters need to provide a quotation when they are approached for their painting services.

house painter

When you employ a house painter you are usually given a catalog of paints to choose from. Once the project contractor or homeowner makes the choice, the painter will get the desired product as well as other materials that are required to carry out the painting job. House painters usually enjoy taking care of the detailing and doing a neat job when it comes to painting. Usually, those who are commercial or residential painters usually learn tricks of their trade on the job or as apprentices. Painters also work in teams so that they can complete a painting job easily and on time.

House painters usually have strength in their upper body, do not fear heights and are able to work with steady hands. That is what separates an experienced painter from others in similar trade or profession. Hence, a house contractor who is skilled at fixing things might not have the expertise that is required for painting surfaces.

A professional house painter will provide a quotation for their services when they are contacted. The quotation should list scope of the project, the time within which the project would be completed, the cost of materials and labor. For a homeowner, it would make sense to seek quotes from two or three painters, compare their quotation terms as well as their professional reputation in their line of work.

A house painter needs to know how about the different paint products in the market; they can assist homeowners in choosing the shade as well as the brand of a paint; they need to know the right kind of primer to use as well as know the paint products that would be suitable.

An experienced house painter will be able to determine what kind of paint would be right to a surface, how to prepare a certain surface and using rollers or other kinds of tools to create the right effect and finishes on a surface. As a client, someone needs to ensure that the house painter uses paint products that are Eco-friendly, do not give out toxic fumes or odors and so forth.